The Role of Litigation Solicitors

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Whenever clients have to clear up disputes, one of the best litigation solicitors has to be contacted. This person is in-charge in resolving the problem. For more information visit Selachii.There are various matters that have to be dealt with in here.  These may include landlord with tenant issues, unpaid bills, neighbor disputes, and other sort of professional negligence that falls in this category. Agreements and breach of contracts may also be accountable here. The same is also true with disputes in intellectual property and general business.

The job of this lawyer encompasses various areas. They also have a specific role to play. What are these?

The Role of Litigation Lawyers


The moment a client comes to a solicitor to seek for advice, the claim will have to be evaluated by the solicitor himself. It does not matter what the issue is. The important steps have to be studied in here. In doing this, relevant documentation has to be read and scrutinized. This may come from the client. The opinion has to be formulated as well. These are all going to be taken into account so that the success of the prospect of the client is assured in the end.

Aside from winning a claim, the solicitor will also take charge in advising the client if the claim is strong or not. If it is not, and then a reasonable settlement will have to be devised. This again will be done, with the guidance of the solicitor. There are instances when alternative is undertaken. This happens when the solicitor advise the client to come up with a good defence. All of these are covered by the role of the said lawyer.

Court proceedings are normally being issued by dispute resolution solicitors. They are going to deal with the drafting witness statements and disclosure with this. They would instruct the Counsel for a trial to be attended. This is also the chance for the preparation of trial bundles to occur. Each and every documentation required here will be studied upon. This is going to be called out by the court before and after trial. Courts may push ADR or the Alternative Dispute Resolution. The parties involved in this juncture should on declare court documents if they are up for a month’s stay or if they want settlement which may be in another alternative means. These will all be asked for too.


Settlements and mediation meetings are also attended by the solicitor. This is the time when a round table agreement is come about. This will depend on the dispute type though. There are forms of this. Take a look at arbitrations for example. This is popular.

The solicitor will be responsible in attending conferences. This will transpire with a Counsel. This is carried out so that the preparation for the trial is readied on time. A duel role may be taken by the solicitor this. They may also assist the barrister. Queries can also be answered just in case there are many.

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