Benefits of Working in a Chamber for Solicitors

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A chamber is a collection of many solicitors together. The legal profession is highly populated with qualified staff. Though qualified staff exists, solicitor negligence is common. Not all solicitors uphold good working ethics. The government is quick to act on rogue solicitors. Thus solicitors had to come up with a solution. They combined and formed chambers. A chamber may consist of two lawyers or hundreds of them. One may ask why do most solicitors prefer chambers? Well, engaging in trade alone may look more lucrative. But why do solicitors join chambers? Before you proceed, you might also want to read more about solicitors negligence which is something worth knowing about.

  1. Sharing of costs

The work of a solicitor is mainly desk work. Rarely do they attend court sessions. Their duty involves meetings with the clients more. Hence they need a conducive working environment. They hire office blocks. In the offices other staff need to be employed. The solicitors can’t handle all the work alone. They may need secretaries, cleaners, messengers etc. All these services require funding .As a lone solicitor paying all these dues would require large capital. In the chambers such costs are shared.

In addition the government taxes solicitors a certain fee. Chambers too are taxed. Fee paid by an individual is more expensive compared to fee paid by a chamber. Hence solicitors save more capital.

  1. Presence of a pool of skilled labor.

Solicitor are educated in all law classes. At some point solicitors major into smaller categories. For instance one might be an expert in criminal law, another one family law and so on. In a chamber solicitors of all types are present. Their knowledge in various laws is quite diverse. Thus no case lacks the relevant personnel to handle it.

  1. Higher bargaining power

Enjoying maximum benefits as a sole solicitor is difficult. The government implements new laws and regulations to govern the sector. Not all these laws are good. Some of them might be punitive. Countering the government alone is impossible, as a group they have the numbers add power. Hence the government is always willing to listen to their grievances. They are engaged in the formation of new rules too.

  1. Exchange of knowledge and ideas/Collaboration

Solicitor’s share a professional course. They often refer to each other as “my learned friend” They share very tight work relationships too. Due to these facts they exchange ideas and tricks. This explains why the law will be never hard for solicitors to subdue.

In chambers solicitors further their studies too. The chamber might send a solicitor abroad to further studies. They also engage with other chambers in foreign countries. It allows easy collaborations. At times, a case might involve the use of two or more sets of law from different countries. The need for international law arises, this type of law requires foreign collaborations.

  1. There is no room for negligence.

The chambers have strict internal rules too. The rules have to be followed by all members. In case a solicitor breaks a chamber rule, discipline is instilled accordingly. One case may involve two or more solicitors from one chamber. This leaves no room for negligence. If a solicitor from a chamber is indiscipline, people view the whole chamber as indisciplined. Hence in chambers they correct each other too.

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